Battalion 19 I.S.M.

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 Battalion 19 Indiana Sedentary Militia

 The primary purpose of the ISM is to defend our families and local communities against forces that threaten our inalienable rights.  While this is normally the responsibility of our standing army and/or organized militia, they may be unavailable to defend us in certain circumstances.  In such a situation, the governor has the authority to call up the ISM.

The secondary purpose of the ISM is to assist civil authorities during times of crisis or major instability.  Examples include natural disasters (tornados, floods, etc.), war, insurrection, chemical spills, riots, power outages, looting, economic collapse, lawlessness, and epidemics.  By maintaining law and order and assisting those in need, the ISM can be an invaluable resource in a time of instability.

The ISM is a public service group comprised of upstanding, law-abiding patriots. We have no affiliation with, nor do we promote or encourage, any subversive or quasi-subversive entities or acts against the United States of America or against the American People, inside or outside of U.S. borders. Any and all instruction and training is done in strict accordance with Federal, State and Local Laws and regulations. Our group does not and will not associate with - or train - any foreign or domestic entity(ies) that could pose a threat to, or has denounced, the United States of America.

It cannot be emphasized enough that we are not an "extremist" organization, nor are we anti-government.  Quite the contrary... we are pro-government and pro-law & order.  We do not tolerate anyone in our group even talking about anti-government, un-American, or illegal conduct.

And just to clarify,

- We are not a "right wing" organization.
- We are not a political organization.
- We are not racist or involved in the "Christian Identity" movement.
- We are "open" and "above board" in all ways, and are not involved in illegal, immoral, and/or unethical activities.
- We are not "gun nuts."
- We despise all forms of terrorism.
- We are not "revolutionaries."
- We are not a paramilitary group.
- We are not "anti-government."
- We are not wild-eyed "conspiracy freaks."

 Battalion 19 A.O.

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